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Succulent Spit Roast Catering in Byron Bay

Catering To Dine For provides beautifully-cooked meats with our spit roast catering in Byron Bay. We work closely with local producers to find you the best quality of meats available. You can choose from pork, lamb, chicken, or beef. The meats are roasted for up to 8 hours to create a moist and tender dish. Our delectable salads and sides are the perfect complement to these succulent offerings.


Spit roast catering in Byron Bay is reminiscent of the times of our ancestors when they celebrated a good day of hunting. They created the perfect way to prepare fresh meat, and we take advantage of the process they invented. Spit roasting involves continually rotating the meat over the fire, which creates tender meat we’re proud to offer.


The constant turning of the meat means it bastes in its own juices as it is cooked. If meat is left stationary while it cooks, fats will liquify and run out and off the meat, leaving it dry. When it is spit roasted, the meat is constantly turning, so it locks the juices inside, making it tender and juicy. Any juices that do escape run along the outside without dripping off which creates a delicious baste.


Our spit roast catering in Byron Bay is great for family reunions, corporate events, weddings, and celebrations of all types. If you have an event in your future, contact Catering To Dine For and our friendly staff will discuss how we can provide delicious catering.

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Spit Roast Catering Byron Bay

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