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Retirement Village Catering

Cookies on a Plate

We Offer Delightful Retirement Village Catering Packages and Custom Menu

Do you organise retirement community events to celebrate life’s big moments, such as birthdays, milestone anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, and New Year? How about smaller ones such as bingo, word games, sing-along nights and barbecues? If so, learn how our retirement village catering services can make it easier by coordinating your events.

Our Delicious, Quality Catering To Dine For Options

Discover our Event Packages A and B, offering gourmet and deluxe finger foods. Your guests can enjoy fresh pate served on water biscuits, curried chicken wings, smoked salmon on cream cheese pastry parcels, and seasonal vegetables with hummus. They might also find traditional nori and sushi rolls served with soy sauce on our beautifully presented grazing tables.


In the mood for platters? Our first-rate chefs prepare fresh seasonal seafood, antipasto, meat, cheese, cold cuts, and fresh fruit platters for clients in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We provide friendly, professionally trained servers and delectable foods from Byron Bay to Noosa, Stradbroke Island to Warwick, and anywhere in between at reasonable prices.


We've turned many events into memorable occasions in Southeast Queensland. Catering To Dine For has served traditional barbecues and BBQ breakfasts throughout the day, special extras, and versatile menus tailored to our client’s preferences and dietary requests since 1997. So too, buffet tables containing meats, veggies, salads, desserts, and drinks.

Let Us Prepare It For You

Our licensed, fully insured, Queensland-owned and operated catering service buys all our produce locally to support our community. Our mouth-watering retirement village catering, and all other menus, contain healthy, top-quality, locally sourced meats and fresh produce.

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