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A Tempting selection of platters to complement your meals


 Fresh Seasonal Seafood Platter - $8.00 per Guest

Platter of Oysters and Fresh Prawns served with Seafood Sauce or any seasonal seafood

Cold Meat Platter - $6.50 per Guest  

A selection of Continental Cold Cut Meats

Meat And Cheese Platter - $5.50 per Guest

A selection of Deli Meats and assorted Cheeses served with Plain and Flavoured Water Crackers

Antipasto Platter - $5.50 per Guest

A selection of Antipasto vegetables, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Continental Meats, Stuffed Peppers, Dolmades and Stuffed Olives served with plain Water Crackers

Cheese Platter - $5.35 per Guest

Selection of Gourmet Cheeses served with Quince Paste and selected Cheese Crackers

Fresh Fruit Platter - $4.95 per Guest

Selection of Delicious Seasonal Fruits

Our Platters are Guaranteed Crowd Pleasers!

Catering Platters/Grazing Box


To present your Menu, we recommend you utilise the services of our professionally trained personnel who can attend your function and serve your finger food, allowing you to enjoy the celebration.


Cost for server – $160 (Monday to Friday)

Cost for assistant – $140 (Monday to Friday)

Carve & Deliver starting from $100*

*Terms & Conditions apply

One Server required for every 500 portions.

All prices include GST

A surcharge applies for public holidays 

Budget Catering

Looking for Budget Event Catering Platters? Five Reasons to Hire a Caterer on the South East Queensland

Planning and organising an event of any size can be a challenge. Your to-do list seems to grow by the day and your time is limited. In the weeks and days leading up to your event, you may become quite stressed out trying to get everything to fall into place. Food is one of the largest and most complicated parts of the planning process, and that’s why hiring caterers can make your job so much easier. Consider the following five reasons why you should hire a caterer for your next event.

Less stress

Planning an event takes a lot of time and energy. From invitations and decorations to the food, many pieces must fit together perfectly to make the event memorable and complete. Professional caterers can give you the help you need when it comes to the food – one of the most difficult pieces to put together. Planning, preparing, and serving food is what caterers do, so leave this task to them and breathe a sigh of relief.

More time

Think about all the time it will take to plan, cook, and serve the food at your event. That’s time you can save by hiring a caterer. Let them handle menu planning, shopping, cooking, setting up, serving, and cleaning up, and you’ll enjoy the freedom to focus on other things – such as your guests.

A versatile menu

There’s an art to deciding what to serve at any given event. If deciding what food to serve and how to present it isn’t one of your strengths, you can hire a caterer and relax. Professional caterers handle the food for a wide variety of events and can help you figure out the best options for your specific event. They typically offer a set selection of menus and are usually happy to make custom changes as well.

Attention to detail

With food as their only job, caterers pay close attention to every detail, making sure that your event is perfect – at least when it comes to the food and drinks. Their skills and experience can bring your vision to life and wow your guests. They can also work with any style of event in any venue to ensure that the menus are suitable, and the food looks and tastes amazing.

A bold statement

Catered events leave lasting positive impressions. Professional catering gives your event a more polished and structured feel whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or some other celebration. Hiring a caterer shows your guests that you believe they deserve the best.

Event catering from Catering To Dine For

Looking for budget catering on the South East Queensland? Catering To Dine For provides catering on the South East Queensland with platters, finger foods, and special extras that make your event exciting and memorable. We offer a range of excellent menu options including platters, finger foods, salads, drinks, desserts, and more to fit any budget. Contact Catering To Dine For today to discuss your event and how we can help make it spectacular.

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